Can I benefit from philosophical counseling if I’ve never studied philosophy?

Yes! Having a background in Philosophy is not necessary for you to benefit from philosophical counseling. The focus of philosophical counseling is not memorizing what some famous philosopher might have said about your problem. Rather, it offers a logical approach that involves talking through your issues and problems in order to rationally understand the nature of the issue in question and develop a practical way of viewing it and coming to a resolution.

With the supportive guidance of a philosophical counselor, anyone can learn to approach personal predicaments philosophically, without ever having studied philosophy.

What can I expect to gain from philosophical counseling?

Philosophical counseling will enable you to clarify your emotional reasoning in order to think more clearly, more cogently, and more logically. As a result, the process can uproot stress and anxiety at the foundational “seed level.” You may benefit from philosophical counseling in realizing that you feeling calmer, at peace, and ready to meet the vicissitudes of life with increased confidence and awareness.

Is philosophical counseling a substitute for psychiatric care?

No. Philosophical counseling is not, and has never been, a substitute for psychiatric care. This means that it is not for people who suffer from severe forms of psychiatric illness that make them dysfunctional, or who are dangerous to themselves or others.

What kind of training do philosophical counselors have?

The American Philosophical Practitioners Association states that philosophical counselors should have the following qualifications:

  • An advanced degree in Philosophy, such as an M.A. or Ph.D. (or equivalent)
  • Documented experience in counseling clients philosophically
  • Professionalism and integrity

There is no single approach to philosophical counseling, but all APPA-certified counselors must satisfy the three criteria listed above.

Please note: APPA-certified counselors are not affiliated in any way with The School of Practical Philosophy®.

Is philosophical counseling covered by medical insurance?

No. It is a relatively new field, and, as such, hasn’t yet become mainstream enough to be covered by insurance.  In an effort to make my services available to as many people as possible, I offer a sliding-scale.

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