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Jeff Y., Los Angeles, CA

“I, being a coach myself, was curious about the philosophical approach that Dr. Schuster brings. I was faced with a moral dilemma that tested my values and impacted how I showed up at work. Dr. Schuster helped guide me through and get more clarity as well as helping me think outside the box when approaching my challenge. On top of that, she guided me with specific steps towards achieving my next goal.”


Susan H., Delray Beach, FL

“I highly recommend Dr. Schuster. Her demeanor is calm and nonjudgemental, while her advice is also direct and to the point. The counseling was a transformational experience! During our session, Dr. Schuster provided me with practical tools that help with living each day to its fullest, taking ownership and control over those things where it is realistic to do so, and letting go of that which I have no control over. I believe the counseling experience would enhance anyone’s life.”


Melissa G., Grand Rapids, MI

“My first session with Dr. Schuster was fantastic, and I can’t wait for the next one! I started our session with a few issues in mind, but she was able to efficiently pin point the root of my dilemmas and direct our conversation toward constructive reflection. She has a wealth of knowledge and excellent insight! I was incredibly impressed by her intelligence, as well as her patience to thoroughly work through the issue to my satisfaction. It’s been a while since I’ve come across a method of therapy and practitioner who have resonated with me so well. I highly recommend her!”


Tanvi P., Princeton, NJ

“My first session with Dr. Schuster was simply incredible. She manages to get to the root of one’s issues in a direct yet compassionate manner. Her insight and ability to intuitively read subtext helped us make more progress within an hour than I had made doing months of conventional talk therapy. Not only is Dr. Schuster well-versed in philosophical concepts, she is also a highly sensitive and empathetic person who cares deeply. I am extremely excited to continue doing self-work with her, knowing it will help create long-lasting changes in my life. This is a perfect type of counseling for logical people who want to take rational steps to deal with emotional issues.”


Jacob T., Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Dr. Schuster is different from any other therapist I’ve been to. Rather than letting me rehash my pain while my therapist nods her head, Dr. Schuster helps me understand the emotional reasoning behind the past experiences that have caused me to draw illogical conclusions and repeat unproductive or negative behavior. Her philosophical approach empowers me to disrupt my usual destructive thought patterns. I leave each session feeling refreshed and ready to take control of my future, empowered with knowledge and bolstered by logic. Dr. Schuster is teaching me how to think critically and improve myself; hers is the most actionable, practical, solutions-oriented therapeutic method I have come across.”

baileycircle4Sarah S., Atlanta, GA

“During my first telephone session with Dr. Schuster, I not only gained immense clarity about my initial concerns, but we were able to dig deeper to uncover more complicated questions which I didn’t even realize I needed to ask myself. This led me to discover other conclusions that I may not have reached without her guidance. I appreciated her rational, yet compassionate approach. I now have a firm plan in place about how to effectively approach my concerns and a greater depth of understanding of my own assumptions, motivations, and needs.”


Cody D., Boston, MA

“After talking to Dr. Schuster, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I only wish I’d reached out to her earlier!”


Amy A., Bloomfield Hills, MI

I had my first session with Dr. Schuster and I can honestly say she helped me immensely, enabling me to see the issues in my life that I am grappling with in a new light.  Dr. Schuster’s advice makes so much sense. It is grounded in wisdom and truth, and is always positive. I cannot say enough good things about her. I can attest– you will be glad you talked with her!

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